Our professional sitters provide one-on-one childcare in the comfort of your hotel or resort room. Whether you’re off to a meeting, out to dinner, playing golf, or getting a massage, you can enjoy peace of mind when leaving your child in the care of our staff.

Party Sitters is not just a babysitting service! We can provide a fun, well-trained caregiver to accompany your family to area attractions if you need a mommy’s or daddy’s helper.

We care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.

Advance reservations are recommended. We are able to book in-room childcare reservations up to 2 months in advance. We request a minimum notice of 4 hours for booking a sitter. However, exceptions will be made based on sitter availability. We are eager to serve you and are usually able to fill last minute requests. Our reservation representative is available from 8:00am to 9:00pm 7 days a week. We may be reached at 513-257-7718.

In-Room Childcare Rates*

1 child $16.00 per hour
2 children $18.50 per hour
3 children $21.00 per hour
4 children $23.50 per hour
5 or more children, please call 513-257-7718

*Party Sitters charges a $25 reservation fee and there is a four (4) hour minimum charge. All rates are hourly based. Four (4) hour minimum charge. Rates are subject to change. Advance reservations are required. Holidays and special events require an additional premium. Rates are subject to change. Payment is by credit card only. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

Policies and Procedures
  • A credit card is needed to reserve our service. A $25 charge will be deducted from your card upon booking. This will reserve your sitter and date.
  • The balance due will be deducted from your credit card on the day of the service. No cash payments permitted.
  • Gratuity is optional (automatic 18% gratuity for services provided to families with 5 or more children)
  • Parents provide parking within one block of venue for sitter
  • Sitter transportation fee is $10.00.
  • Reservations that begin after 9:00pm or before 7:00am require an additional $2.00 per hour premium.

Sitter Policy
  • Sitters will not administer medication of any kind
  • Water activities are not permitted. (bathing, boating, swimming)
  • Sitters cannot accept cash payments – only optional gratuities can be given in cash
  • Sitters are only responsible for service per the hours booked.  Sitters are not guarantee beyond the hours booked
  • Sitter to child ratios: 1:2 (children 3 and under) and 1:4 (children 4 and above)

General Information
  • A confirmation sheet and sitter resume will be faxed or emailed to the client and the hotel for review. The resume includes a photo of the sitter.
  • The sitter will arrive at the hotel 15 minutes early.
  • Our sitters are easily recognizable in their Party Sitters aprons and name tags.
  • The sitter will have the client sign a release form authorizing him/her to seek medical attention in case of an emergency. The form also provides a space to indicate if it is okay for the sitter to take the children out of the hotel room and/or off the hotel property.
  • Our sitters will bring games, books, and other age appropriate activities for the children.
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's rates subject to change.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations require a twenty-four (24) hour notice. Please make sure that you speak to a live person when you cancel a reservation. If a family does not cancel at least 24 hours in advance, they will be billed for the service.
In-Hotel Room Child Care