Hi Nicole,

I wanted to send you a personal email of thanks for doing a great job with our kids last night!  After the evening was over, I knew our 10-year old (Thryceton) would give an unbiased review of the evening. To my surprise, he said he had a blast (mind you, he and our Caleb are always at each other at their ages so that says a lot!!).  My boys had a great time with your team and I would not hesitate to recommend Party Sitters for any events to my friends!

Take care,

Andrea Deckard
(Parent of some of our "little guests")
"This is WAY BETTER than sitting at home!"
Thryceton  -Age 10
Here are some notes and phrases of love we've gotten from parents, hosts, and even some of our "little guests"!
"Oh No! It's time to go already?" Parker- Age 3 1/2
"I never knew Party Sitters existed until I went to a launch party for Would U Rather! I always thought it would be so nice to go out and have babysitters on-hand, but I never thought that it would actually happen. Not only are these ladies sweet, they are very creative and they are excellent with children. Believe me, I know, Mr. D.J. can be a handful sometimes :o)! Bottom line, they are brilliant! I'm so happy to know they are around...hopefully I will be using them again sooner than later :)"

Nikki Williams
(Parent of a "little guest")
"Doug and I have to skip a lot of events we're invited to because of childcare for our three year old.  It is so hard to find people available who you can trust and afford.  That is why I was so thrilled that the hosts for a recent party we went to hired The Party Sitters.  It was such a relief to have them as the go-to option.  Without them we might not have made it to the party.  When we arrived, the Party Sitters staff was organized, super-friendly and Parker was ready to jump right in.  She did crafts all evening which is her absolute favorite past time, and BONUS I didn't have to clean up the crafty mess!!  They had face painting and snacks - heck, Parker thought her party was the main event!  Afterwards all the kids got a goodie bag and I know she felt like a pretty big deal.  Big thanks to our hosts and the wonderful ladies at Party Sitters - you gals are just terrific.  I know Parker can't wait to see you again!"

Amy Cribbs (Parent of a "little guest")
Amy in OHio

Hi Nicole, 

Thanks so much for coming out to our party on Sunday and entertaining the kids. We were pleasantly surprised that most of the kids were so busy and having fun for the entire hour. I got a lot of compliments from the parents and other adult guests as to how much fun the kids seemed to be having. We were all happy with your services, your timeliness and your fun attitude and demeanor. 

Nelly Grinfeld (Parent and Host of her Twins' 1-year old Birthday Party)
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Frankie's party was everything that I envisioned. I thank you and your team for making Frankie's first birthday a day to remember. My family and friends were very impressed and look forward to using Party Sitters for their event needs. I look forward to working with you in the future. The customer service that Party Sitters provided was outstanding. Again thanks for everything. 

Brooke Cook (Parent and Host of her 1-year old daughter, Frankie's, birthday)
Nicole and Staff,

Thank you so much for your babysitting services at our wedding. The "little guests" had so much fun with the arts and crafts, games, dancing, and they loved their favors!! I still see my nieces and nephews' arts and crafts on their refrigerators. My guests were coming up to me thanking me for offering your services at our wedding reception. They have gone to wedding receptions that had their children in separate rooms and would have to leave the reception to check on their children. They loved the fact that they could just look to the other side of the room and see how much fun their children were having. The parents came up to me to tell me how appreciative they were that their children were in such good hands. They didn't even have to check on their children, they knew they were having the time of their lives. Thank you again, my wedding reception was amazing with ALL guests having a great time thanks to you and your staff!!! You, your staff, and your services were amazing!!! 

Bethany Gerwel-Guzman (August 2010 Bride)

Nicole is a true professional!

Our church hired her during our eight week Dynamic Marriage (www.familydynamics.net) curriculum. She was always early if not on time. The children that she cared for were eager to see her each week. She spent extra time and attention to detail by making sure that the children with allergies were not exposed to anything that would cause harm.

The activities that the children were involved in were engaging, entertaining, and memorable. I suggest anyone who's having a party, ‘business/family' event, or couples' classes to put their mind at ease and hire Party Sitters, LLC. Their timely, fun, professionally trained staff will amaze you. I'm sure that like us, your event will run so much smoother if you have Party Sitters on-site! 

Thank you Nicole and team!
Christopher A. Holmes (Event Host and Parent)
Thanks Nicole.

Our little guests and parents were very pleased, as was I.

Cher Gains (Event Host and Parent)
Lighthouse Youth Services
Thank you and your sitters so much, Nicole!! Once again, the children loved spending time with your staff as well as I appreciated the care that was taken of the children!!!

Vera A. Jones (Event Host and Parent)
First Group America
"I love coming here!"
Marissa- Age 12
"Can you guys come to my house?" 
Trevor- Age 3
"These crafts are alot more fun than my art class at school!"
Emily- Age 6
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

The Party Paks you made for our 10th Pastoral Anniversary Gala were just wonderful. They were creatively designed and custom made just for our elegant event! The children were so surprised to receive them and the adults just couldn’t stop raving about them.Nicole and the Party Sitters Staff went above and beyond my expectations and with their help; made a momentous occasion even more outstanding.  

Thank You Again!
Hope C. Finney, Event Coordinator
Higher Ground Ministries, House of Favor Church
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful and helpful you were at the Boylson -Flum wedding reception. You planned so very well, were so organized, and had the perfect upbeat attitude for making it fun for kids at a wedding reception. The perfect mix of professional and fun! We will definitely keep you in mind for future events!

Terri Moniot 
Parent at the Boylson-Flum Wedding (featuring: Integrated Reception Services and Party Paks)
We had a great experience with your sitters and the service they provided on Saturday night. We checked on our son half way through the evening and he was having a good time. He is still talking about the pizza they had for dinner. The sitters changed his clothes and dressed him for us so that he was ready when we picked him up. When we picked him up, it was before midnight, and the girls said you can bring him back if you need to. I felt like they really enjoyed watching the kids, which is a good thing. I would most definitely recommend your business to other people. Thank you for doing such a good job!
Elizabeth Hutson
Christoff Wedding